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Feb 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
of time in california. unemployment tops 15 percent, and nearly 4 percent of all homes in the city erin foreclosure. number three, chicago. well many people proud to be from the windy city, there are ridiculously long commutes and plummeting and prices. according to forbes immigration right out of chicago is the sixth worst in the nation. the weather probably does not help either. number two, rockford, illinois. now and an unemployment rate of more than 11%. to make matters worse, really high property taxes. number one, most miserable city decides detroit, detroit's neighbor, flint, michigan. demolishing home after home as the city has the second-highest out migration raid behind only detroit. also ranking third worst for violent crime behind detroit and memphis. boulder, colorado is america's happiest city. they can smoke dope legally. still to come, my "2 cents more@ i shocking comments from the president some of the biggest fast-food chains in the country and talk about closing loopholes . allowing the president to be part of a super pac. details next. ♪ [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i
Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
imágenes, le pusieron un signo de paz en la pared. >>> llegó al mundo nuestra princesa erin, u nombre significa paz. >>> gracias a todos por su respeto y apoyo. >>> y le dieron las gracias con el corazón al obstetra más increíble y todo su equipo en el sanatorio de la mujer, viví el momento más feliz de mi vida. >>> estÁ bonita esa foto. >>> bellísima. >>> erin le manda mucha paz y besitos a todos, love. >>> y el problema está en la r, al momento de pronunciar. >>>e l actor aarón díaz también puso los siguientes mensajes. >>> y llegaste tú, a quien tanto imaginé, a quien tanto amé sin conocer (información en pantalla) >>> para darle razón a mi existnecia, con lágrimas de felicidad pura, llegaste para enseñarme que no sé nada. >>> estaba bien inspirado. >>> no sabía nada de amor cuando llegaste tú. >>> y llegaste tú como primavera en el frío invierno >>> esa luz es solo el comienzo de mi más sublime sueño hecho realidad, gracias, erin por siempre. >>> anda muy inspirado. >>> ni tú y yo somos padres por ahora. >>> pero la verdad te vuelves de todo, cursi. >>>
Feb 28, 2013 1:00pm PST
for us. >> it's pretty hard to top that, i'll tell you that much. but we're going to do it. cnn's erin burnett is going "outfront" tonight on the future of the catholic church after pope benedict's historic resignation. erin, it was great watching you this morning, covering it live as the helicopter was leaving and heading over to the retreat. >> it was amazing watching that helicopter. as we said, you couldn't get a better advertisement for the glory of rome than that ride that the pope took today. history was made today, and we're going to tackle the taboo issue in the church, and we're talking about sex and celibacy. tonight we've got a nun who left the church because she fell in love, a priest who left the church because he fell in love, and a priest who is staying in the church and who believes in celibacy. and the mysterious death of an american work for a secretive and prestigious government firm. >> we'll be there, top of the hour, erin. >>> and when we come back, we're just now getting results of our very own test of anheuser-busch's beer. is it watered down? it's a question w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3